Wings & Horns

Elegance and Power Unleashed

Wings and Horns enlisted Heng Design to sculpt a label and brand identity that masterfully entwines the grace of wings with the formidable strength of horns. An attention-grabbing illustration serves as a standout vehicle on the shelf, creating a captivating visual presence. It’s a perfect union of elegance and power, a compelling prelude to the sensory adventure that lies within. Each bottle extends a captivating invitation, beckoning both seasoned wine enthusiasts and novices to embark on a journey that transcends taste, seamlessly intertwining the elements of nature, tradition, and modernity.


Packaging Design
Website Design



What our client has to say

Working with Nick and his team was a game changer for our business. The whole process was seamless, designing our branding, website, digital and packaging to truly deliver on all areas of our brand strategy. I would recommend Heng Design – you won’t be disappointed

Mike Wagner | Director