Sunflower Vodka by Imbue

Nature’s Elegance Unveiled

An intricate illustration of the sunflower takes center stage, its petals weaving a dance of botanical elegance. The detailed depiction captures the spirit of the sunflower seed, symbolising the raw, natural beauty that infuses the vodka.The label design doesn’t just invite the gaze; it beckons the touch. A subtle texture, akin to the delicate fuzz of sunflower petals, adds a tactile dimension. As fingertips graze the label, there’s a sensory connection, a reminder that this vodka isn’t just a spirit; it’s a touch of nature in every pour.


Packaging Design



What our client has to say

The brief for this project was affordable and simple. We wanted to be able to market the vodka independently without our current branding taking over and NIck really delivered. We love the modern, minimal colour scheme, attention to detail in illustration and texture of label gives it a much more luxe feel than the reality of the budget!

Mel, Mick, Nikki & Luke | Founders