From Brand Redesign to Franchise Expansion

In a world where wellness meets vitality, Shakez emerges as more than just a protein shake—it’s a lifestyle companion, a symbol of strength, and a beacon for those on a journey to their best selves. Shakez enlisted our expertise to redefine their brand identity, laying the foundation for future endeavours in franchising their business model. Following the brand redesign, our collaborative efforts have resulted in the development of a website, franchise guide, brand style guide, menu designs, and venue signage.


Packaging Design
Website Design



What our client has to say

We used Heng Design to rebrand our shake bar and cannot be happier with the outcome. From the logo to our uniforms, Nick helped redesign everything and seamlessly and professionally. Nick also has plenty of contacts he can refer you to if you have other requirements. Overall I would highly recommend Heng Design and we will continue working with them. My biggest plus point of using Heng Design was that we could share the same vision and work on the same wavelength. This connection is hard to come by with many people.

Ashvin Sihdr | Founder