SEQ Concrete

A Symbol of Strength, Stability, and Structural Excellence

The SEQ Concrete & Construction logo is a visual testament to the unwavering dedication to strength and stability. The bold and custom typography reflects the robust foundation they lay for every project. It’s not just a logo; it’s a symbol of trust, reliability, and the structural excellence that defines SEQ.


Brand Style Guide



What our client has to say

Heng Design created our brand 8 years ago and have been doing all design work for the company since. Pro Dog is known for offering high quality services and our professional image. We give a great deal of credit to Heng Design for always nailing the brief and exceeding our expectations anytime we have a new project that we are developing. The team are personable and always meet deadlines. We have also recommended Heng Design to many businesses over the years who have all had the same experience that we have had.

Harley Gray | Director