Natural Distilling Co

Hemp-infused Alchemy

In the realm of spirits, where tradition meets innovation, Natural Distilling Co is making waves with it range of hemp spirits. Elevating the art of distillation with the infusion of hemp, this unique collection promises a sensory journey like no other. We were engaged to craft a thoughtfully designed label range that would become the visual ambassador of the brand. Drawing inspiration from the farm from which they harvest the hemp, intricate illustrations that tell this story showcase the harmony between the farm and spirits. The illustrations feature as a blind emboss into the label stock balancing the visuals to ensure they enhance, rather than overwhelm, the overall design.





What our client has to say

We’ve always found Nick Heng a pleasure to work with , as he is not only an excellent communicator, he never fails to deliver on a creative and technical level. He can articulate a client vision seemingly effortlessly, with both patience and precision.

The team at Natural Distilling Co