Kiwi Spirit Liqueurs

Kiwi Spirit Distilling entrusted us with redesigning their current liqueur labels, aiming to match the exceptional quality of the liquid within. The labels now feature delicate touches of gold foil, imparting an opulent aura that resonates with the richness of the content. These gilded accents elevate the overall aesthetic, encouraging consumers to savour not only the liqueur but also a luxurious visual experience. The labels, akin to miniature canvases, narrate a story that extends beyond the glass, establishing an emotional connection with the brand.

The Artistry of Kiwi Spirit Distilling’s Liqueur Labels


Packaging Design



What our client has to say

We have worked with Nick since our first wine Brand in 2014. The outcome was outstanding, the instant customer feedback was fantastic. Once we discussed the concept Nick went to work and the Astrid brand is now our most successful label. He just gets us!

Isabella Knight | Chief Marketing Officer