Kikuchi Sushi

A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Elegance

Welcome to the rebirth of Kikuchi Sushi – an aesthetic journey that pays homage to tradition while embracing the contemporary. Our redesigned logo is a captures the essence of precision, passion, and the artistry that defines the culinary legacy of Japan. Heng Design were engaged by Kikuchi Sushi to redeisgn their logo, and roll this out into a brand style guide that would set the tone and foundations for other franchises to follow.


Brand Style Guide
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What our client has to say

Heng Design created our brand 8 years ago and have been doing all design work for the company since. Pro Dog is known for offering high quality services and our professional image. We give a great deal of credit to Heng Design for always nailing the brief and exceeding our expectations anytime we have a new project that we are developing. The team are personable and always meet deadlines. We have also recommended Heng Design to many businesses over the years who have all had the same experience that we have had.

Gavin You | Chief IT & HR Manager