Imbue Distillery Brandy Custard Liqueur

In the realm of indulgence, where rich flavours and refined spirits converge, emerges the Imbue Distillery Brandy Custard Liqueur, adorned with a golden label that elevates the experience to a realm of opulent allure. Embossed and gleaming in gold, it symbolises a commitment to perfection—an assurance that every drop within the bottle is a testament to the mastery of the Imbue distillery’s art.

Refined Spirits Meet Indulgent Allure


Packaging Design



What our client has to say

This product was the result of a small batch seasonal experiment selling well and needing proper branding for it’s next release. We asked Heng Design to use the very simple slap job (canva/home printer label) that we had been using for the test runs and create something professional with a similarly festive feel with a metallic focus. The result is elegant, so appropriate to the season without dripping in Christmas cliche or over the top gold bling. The proof is in the (Christmas!) pudding as we’ve quadrupled sales with the new label design!

Mel, Mick, Nikki & Luke | Founders