Imbue Distillery Angel’s Share Whisky

Spirits of the Ages: Angel’s Share Legacy Unveiled

The tradition of the angel’s share in whisky traces its roots back to the medieval era. As spirits age, the portion that evaporates into the air, perfuming the distillery, was deemed an offering to the Angels. Imbue Distillery commissioned Heng Design to craft a series of labels highlighting their premium single malt whisky, aged for 3 to 5 years. An illustrated top label unifies the range, while a bottom label, inspired by vintage ticket stubs, distinctly defines each type of whisky.





What our client has to say

We specifically requested a 2 piece label for this range of products so we could keep the bulk of the design consistent across the range yet still identify the different barrel finishes with different colours. This brief took a few back and forths to complete, we loved the initial concept that Heng Design developed of “Angel’s Share Whisky” and it is testament to Nick’s dedication to fulfilling his customer’s requirements and desires as in each edit the attention to detail got even better, for example adding the word “Whisky” to the barrel and the restrained but carefully chosen metallic elements. Again we get a lot of positive feedback on both the name and the design of these products!

Mel, Mick, Nikki & Luke | Founders