Broken Dog Bourbon

A Visual Odyssey Blending Tradition, Narrative, and Modern Aesthetics

Crafting the brand and label for Broken Dog Bourbon Whiskey required a seamless fusion of tradition, narrative, and modern aesthetics to be explored. Beyond mere visual allure, our goal was to encapsulate the essence of the bourbon, beckoning consumers to partake in a rich experiential journey. The selection of fonts featured and customised plays a pivotal role, mirroring the brand’s character—robust, daring, and timeless, skilfully intertwining contemporary flair with a hint of vintage charm as a nod to the legacy of bourbon craftsmanship.





What our client has to say

We’ve always found Nick Heng a pleasure to work with , as he is not only an excellent communicator, he never fails to deliver on a creative and technical level. He can articulate a client vision seemingly effortlessly, with both patience and precision.

Leucio Iacobelli | Founder